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Clean Slate.

Clean Slate. Winter is now my favorite season because I have experienced the healing energy of the snow that covers the world around us. At times, I used to find winter to be my most challenging season because of shorter days, colder temperatures, and the always-lovely seasonal depression. But this past year, I have found […]

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There is only strength. (A personal journal entry)

Okay, here goes.  It’s time to open up the “cancer-compartment” of my emotional storage unit and break out some of the feelings that I experienced during one of the most challenging times of my life.  Before I dive into the guts and glory of surgery and recovery, let’s go back a few years to 2009 […]

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“Love is all you need”

I felt compelled to share a journal entry.  Many times things happen in our lives and the first question we ask is, “Why?”.  And more times than not, there isn’t an answer.  Sometimes the answer will come in time or never at all.  As I continue to reach milestones in my “survivor story” with cancer, […]

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“As long as the kids are happy” (Family Fun)

When family came up to visit back in May, we had a gathering at my parents house and they had a chance to see the cousins all play together.  I love watching my sister’s kids and ours play together much like we did with our cousins growing up.  Cousins have a special relationship because it’s […]

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