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Family Portrait in New Haven

I had the pleasure of being introduced to Nadia and her family to do a portrait session in April.  Nadia’s grandparents were celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary and as a surprise, the family wanted to have a portrait taking to make the occasion.  The big surprise was that her grandparents didn’t know any of the […]

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Kids’ Books: The Gruffalo

Reading to my children is incredibly important to me but it’s also no secret that I am a huge fan of children’s book.  My mom took me to the library a lot as a child, I loved doing summer reading contests, and in the third grade my teacher taught us how to write, illustrate and […]

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Life with Boys: Rise and Shine!

Waking up in the morning and hearing my two boys talking to one another in their bedroom is probably the best part of my day.  Hearing their little voices over the baby monitor as they chat about cars, teddy bears, goldfish crackers, and Bob the Builder always makes me smile.  Calling to them from across […]

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Reading really is fundamental!

Reading to your child everyday is so good for their brain and language development, bonding time with a parent,  feeds their growing imagination and so many other wonderful things!  I have always loved books and to this day I continue to be an avid reader.  As a school teacher and in the years prior to […]

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Advice for New Moms (Book Recommendations)

Firsthand advice from experienced moms is invaluable when you’re a new mommy, but remember to check out book recommendations from other moms as well.  When the time comes for sleep training, potty training, discipline techniques, or if you just need a “how-to-guide” for infants, I found these three books were my favorites: Baby 411 (by […]

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