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I’m a bit of a neat freak and like to have a sense of order at all times.  It’s my sick way of achieving zen in my life.  I know there are other less obsessive ways to do so but this is my little quirk and I’m okay with it.  I like having systems for things and a place for everything and everything in it’s place.  The routines for our household are just as much for me as they are for the kids that we created them for.  So with the help of Pinterest, I have found a ton of new and creative ways to organize my life.  Some of them are pipe dreams because I honestly don’t have the time to create the things that these folks have pulled together.  But with a little effort,  I can can put a few into practice easily.

df5b9cec735996fbc0533ead02b60bf7    I see palettes and different ways to create with them all over Pinterest.  People re-purpose them for furniture, break them up to use as a wall covering, or use them as shelving like the boxes shown above.  If you’re lucky enough to come across them in great shape like these, why not?  I have a little “landing area” in our kitchen where the boys hang up their coats (on a 3M hook) and toss their hats, boots, and mittens in a plastic tub from Ikea.  It’s a system that works but if we each had our own box like this, the clutter could be confined to one spot instead of spread out across the kitchen AND we’d have a place for backpacks, mom’s tote and lunch boxes!



Labeling plugs with a bread tie…now that’s just brilliant.  Whoever posted this is truly a genius in my opinion.  I have seen in many ways but this one is the simplest and easiest!


Creating a bookcase on the inside of a closet door is a great way to hide more of the clutter that can find itself on the floors of our kids’ bedrooms.  In our apartment, our bedroom doesn’t have a closet so we share the closet in the boys’ room with their toys, sleeping bags, and all other excess kid crap.  It’s a mountainous disaster that makes me hold my breath every time one of the kids or I opens the door to get something out.  If we could build a shelf onto the door, there would be so much more room for clothes and we could put the bigger items on the closet floor instead of jamming it all on top of the toys tubs and wrinkling all of the clothes that hang.  I don’t really have that many nice clothes, besides my dress pants and blouses that I wear to weddings, that I hang up because mostly my everyday clothes (which consist of yoga pants, jeans, tank tops, and t-shirts) all fit nicely into my dresser drawers.  I’m simple and practical right now.



We have glass cabinet doors in our current rental but if our next place has wooden cabinets, I’m totally going to do this.  My kids are always stealing my magnets off of the refrigerator so my notes stick to the glass with scotch tape or on post its.  I’ve also added a few mini clip boards with 3M hooks to the wall over our “landing area” for our grocery list and weekly recipe (one recipe…I don’t have the energy to cook more than one meal a week.  Honest).  This idea is a small piece of metal, sheet metal or something magnetic that is mounted to the inside of a cabinet door.  Brilliant!


I’m always losing my bobby pins.  I keep them in my camera bag, underwear drawer, makeup bag, medicine cabinet, in my pants’ pockets, in my car, and yet I am never able to find them when I need them.  This idea is brilliant.  Reuse an old tic-tac or mint container and keep your bobby pins in there!

So this is really only the icing on the cake of all of the amazing organization ideas out there just waiting to be pinned and shared with organizational gurus like me.  If you know of good blogs or pinning boards out there with ideas that you think are worth sharing, let me know!

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