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iPhone Photo: “Sammy in Lights!”

My youngest son and I had the opportunity to check out Kid City in Middletown this week with a few of our friends.  What an amazing museum for kids….moms?  Yeaaah.  I’m exhausted.  This was the first time that I have ever taken either one of my kids to a museum and I am very glad […]

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Kids’ Books: The Gruffalo

Reading to my children is incredibly important to me but it’s also no secret that I am a huge fan of children’s book.  My mom took me to the library a lot as a child, I loved doing summer reading contests, and in the third grade my teacher taught us how to write, illustrate and […]

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Pinterest Favorites: Dream Home-Office Workspace

Pinterest is an amazing way to bring ideas together and a great way to inspire others, research recipes and do-it-yourself projects, and waste time.  Well, it’s true!  You can totally get sucked into it and let’s be honest, what mom mom really has the time to make half of the “designer” foods and crafts you […]

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Weekly iPhone Photo: Brothers

They like each other now.  The baby phase with Sam has ended and the regular tantrums of being a three-year-old seemed to have taken a break for a little while.  Life with these two boys is changing and watching their bond grow warms my heart.  They are 18-months apart in age and have been sharing […]

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Life with Boys: Rise and Shine!

Waking up in the morning and hearing my two boys talking to one another in their bedroom is probably the best part of my day.  Hearing their little voices over the baby monitor as they chat about cars, teddy bears, goldfish crackers, and Bob the Builder always makes me smile.  Calling to them from across […]

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