Kids’ Books: The Gruffalo

Reading to my children is incredibly important to me but it’s also no secret that I am a huge fan of children’s book.  My mom took me to the library a lot as a child, I loved doing summer reading contests, and in the third grade my teacher taught us how to write, illustrate and construct our own books!  I remember it being a huge book cover but a very tiny pages and I wrote about my stuffed animals, Fifi and Cuddles.  My love for books grew from then on and book reports were my favorite assignments in elementary school.

Now that I have professed my love of kids’ literature, here another exciting project I just became a part of.  My friend Josh, who wrote a children’s book…(Change the World Before Bedtime), invited me to be a part of an advisory board for Reach Out and Reach.  We had our first meeting last week and it felt so good to contribute to helping such an amazing cause.  Reach Out and Reach helps train doctors to educate parents on the power of reading aloud to their children on a daily basis.  The goal is to give kids books at their well visits so they can continue to grow their home library and increase literacy early on.

So now I’m even more jazzed up about reading that I wanted to start sharing some of my favorites on a weekly basis.  Here’s the first.  The Gruffalo is based on a Chinese folk tale about a fox and a tiger and how one outsmarts the other.  In Gruffalo, a curious little mouse takes a walk through the woods and is approached by a fox, an owl, and a snake and each one threatens to eat him.  But the cunning mouse warns them that he’s off to have lunch with a Gruffalo (part grizzly bear part buffalo).  But as the mouse walks away from each frightened creature he says to himself, “Silly old fox.  Doesn’t he know?  There’s no such thing as a Gruffalo!”  The story continues as the mouse’s confidence begins to grow but only until he walks up on a real life Gruffalo!  As the Gruffalo threatens to eat the mouse, our tiny little friend convinces the oversized creature that he is the most fear creature in the woods takes him for a walk to prove it.

This story is just the cutest and I LOVE it!  It’s a classic adventure of woodland animals and how they can outsmart one another and the little guy winning.  There’s also a great movie that was made from the story as well.

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