Kids’ Books: Spoon


Spoon is a book that I had purchased through Scholastic and we have all fallen in love with it.  I like to pick up books from Scholastic because they are paperback and super inexpensive.  The one drawback is that you can’t flip through the books before you buy them.  But every so often, you buy a book on a whim and it turns out to be a fan favorite.

Spoon is about a little spoon that longs to have the adventurous life of his friends fork, knife, and chopsticks.  He thinks that they have such exotic lives and their experiences are so much more exciting than his.  Little does spoon know that his friends think the same about him.  Kids can have fun with spoons but they need to be careful playing with forks, knives, and chopsticks.  This is the sweetest story about individuality and self confidence and is told from the most adorable viewpoint of silverware characters.  Highly recommend this book and it’s complementary book, Chopsticks.


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