Kristin + Nick’s Engagement Session

Kristin and Nick became engaged by candle light during the blackout of Hurricane Irene.  I think that is the coolest thing ever!  Kristin had emailed me last fall and I was thrilled to hear the details about her wedding, most especially, the fact that they are getting married on her family’s Christmas Tree Farm.  As we talked, it became evident to me that we were going to be a great fit and I was so excited to finally meet them in person at the farm.  I had a great time with the two of them cruising around on the gator going up and over the hills of the farm and checking the lay out of the land for the big wedding day.  So excited for their wedding in October!


Couple embraced in the sunlight surrounded by treesCouple snuggling and laughing close upCouple embraced looking at each other smiling amongst the treesCouple sitting cheek to cheek with Christmas trees in backgroundCouple snuggling in the tall grass with the bare christmas trees in backgroundCouple sitting in the tall grass and trees with detail of grass in foreground.Couple kissing in field of tall grass with the sun backlighting them amongst the treesCouple embraced in a field with sunlight and christmas trees shot through the grassCouple sitting in the tall grass with Christmas trees surroundingBlack and white of woman standing behind man surrounded by evergreen treesWoman standing behind man surrounded by evergreen treesMan standing behind woman with loving embrace amongst the evergreen treesCouple sitting on hill with white puppy on their lapsblack and white of woman embracing man from behind with arms around himCouple standing in front of canopy of green branches with her smilingCouple standing in front of rusted old truck looking at each otherCouple standing in front of rusted old truck embracing each other laughingBlack and white of couple embracing in front of old rusted trouble with serious lookEngagement ring on branch of evergreen tree

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