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Two words that describe my mom to a “T”. Christmas, birthdays, graduations, special occasions, you name it…she gives the best gifts! Now I’m not talking like a little kid who gets everything on her wish list.  I’ve come to realize over the years that my mom is very thoughtful about the gifts she gives each of us kids.  My favorite was my college graduation.  She gave me a framed print of an painting that was in one of my classrooms in high school.  I was inspired by it in my rhetoric class. I had described it to her years before and she remembered it.  Most comfortable gift though was for Christmas the first year my husband and I were married. She gave us a beautiful quilt that she made herself along with the most cushy-comfy feather bed ever! The colors and patterns are so awesome, we love it!  See…it’s the little things…

So, this past weekend the three ladies in our family (mom, my sister, and myself) celebrated our March birthdays together. In addition to an amazing camera bag on wheels (a total necessity this season), and an adorable Pandora baby charm (forgot to photograph it…oops), mom gave me some of the most thoughtful gifts!

First off, she and I  have become obsessed with the website, Etsy. If you haven’t checked it out yet, you MUST. If you like crafty, quirky, unique, “home-made” items…this is the place for you!
She purchased the jewelry from Etsy. At least I know the earrings were. Come on! How adorable is the wrapping on the box? And the fact that September is on the front was so cool since nugget is due in September. She makes jewelry out of old books, maps, dictionaries, paper textiles…so awesome!

*I photographed the jewelry in a bamboo bowl that mom gave us as a gift. Another cool find of hers 🙂

It’s no secret that I am a knitter. Mom taught me four years ago how to make a basic scarf. I’ve made oodles of them since that Saturday afternoon lesson. I’m moving on to doing hats, booties, and blankets now. My obsession with knitting has grown now that I have found out many of my friends are also knitters. Talented ones too! My friend Vicki Souza did a blog post a while back about her recent trip to California. She visited a relative who basically has a knitting heaven in her home. Seriously! Check it out!. Honestly, this woman has my dream job! Don’t get me wrong, I love photography, but to live with textiles and yarn like that….oh the thought makes me just want to drool a nice big puddle right here on my desk. LOL.

Long story short, I emailed mom this blog post, she saved it, and in my birthday gift bag were three bundles of yummy yarn from Lisa Souza. They are labeled, “garnet”, “emerald city”, and “Joseph’s coat”. I just rolled them into balls and can’t wait to find a project to use them for. Hmmm…should I make something for myself or nugget? Tough decision.

Well, my name is Robin, so it’s only fitting that I love all things birds. I am even working on incorporating that into my new logo. Stay tuned for that. This little fella is extra cool though because it’s a black bird. Beatles fan here…walked down the aisle on our wedding day to “Blackbird” played on acoustic guitar. Need I say more?

Last, but certainly not least, mom found this awesome camera and light meter at an antique show!! How freakin’ cool is that? She found the camera first and the guy threw in the light meter as an “extra”. Totally fits into my dusty-old-funky-camera collection. What photographer doesn’t have one of those?

Thanks Mom!!!

Lisa S - >You do SO have the coolest mom…

Last Forty Percent - >Very cool!

ohana photographers-david and kimi - >old cameras are awesome!!! love em!

Orchard Cove Photography - >Those are some COOL and thoughtful pressies!

E. Broderick Photography - >What a good Mommy! so many unique and thoughtful gifts. Love ’em all. That little bird in the necklace, by the way, is adorable. Yeah, Mrs. Robin’s Mom! (I realized as I typed that I have no idea what your maiden name was!)

Eric Foley - >How many megapixels is that rig anyway?? I have an original Polaroid. Old cameras are fun!

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