BBQ with the Troys

I have been a huge admirer of Lunell and Noel Troy since 2003. We had checked them out for our own wedding needs and I’ve been watching their work ever since. They have a fantastic style and the personality to match. I love them!   I can’t wait to second shoot with them later in the year.  I’m sure we are going to have a blast!

Well, as crazy as schedules can be, it was time to finally meet in person.  They were kind enough to invite myself and a few other photographers to a BBQ at their home in Ellington this past Monday.  It was a blast to sit and visit with them, and their adorable daughter Kiera. Thanks again for your fantastic hospitality guys! It was so great to finally put a face with the name.


Jerome & Jennifer Braga of Studio1923. 

Here’s our amazing hosts!  Noel was “on fire” with his grilling skills, not literally of course…. ha ha.  Let’s just say, some meat hit the ground 😉 

An amazing sunset that is pretty much a regular occurance at the Troy homestead. Mmmm…this light is so yummy.

I could not help but photograph Jen.  She’s got nine weeks to go before they welcome their first baby to the Braga family.  I’m so excited for them.  This is definitely the year for babies!  Come on…she’s adorable!

10ike…my girl…what can I say?  Her gestures speak for themselves.  

Paul from StudioFoto and Lunell

Jen and Krystal (StudioFoto)

10ike needs to get a holster for that iPhone.  i love her accessibility!  oot oooh!

Beyond The Lens Photography - >Looks like you had a great time! It does suck that the “wizard behind the curtain” is never in the post……:)

E. Broderick Photography - >Hilarious. Looks like a great time. Love the sunset in the windows.

Salty Grapes Photography - >You guys are all so cute!!!! =)

And I’m dying over the image of a bedazzled iPhone holster. Would Tana (was that her name? The chick that brought back the Bedazzler on the Apprentice? Am I outing myself as lame here?) be proud! =)

Hee hee…

Robin Dini Photography - >alright people! Where’s the beef? I’ll grab it and get it up there 😉 Lunnel, you guys were talking about boudoir shots…*wink.

i know! when you’re behind the camera, you’re never in the blog post, at least me anyway. haha.

Lunell Troy - >what meat on the ground? I didn’t see any meat on the ground?

Lunell Troy - >GREAT shots Robin – and yes! where are the ones (ANY) of you?? I love the sunset in the windows. What were Carla and I talking about with the hands? and you in the middle capturing both.

Jerome - >Where is the burger on the ground? It’s WAY past the 14 minute rule now. haha. AND, where is the photos of you?
I have to say the shot of Noel Grilling is CLASSIC!

carla ten eyck - >actually i was pondering whether or not to pick with my iphone finger or not

i want a bedazzled holster for that thing! (my phone not my finger)

great shots btw! Love the sunset in the windows? nice!

but where is the shot of the meat on the ground? That was SO funny!!!!

Robin Dini Photography - >hey now! that’s a pondering shot.

raw photo design - >Carla- is that pre- or post- nose pick?

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