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My buddies! It was a cold day Sunday so we did a quick shoot so these guys wouldn’t freeze. Always great to see my lil’ Red Sox pals!

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Pedroia Rookie of the Year!

Wohoo! I have a knack for picking out the good ones….my fav player pick for the season ended up winning Rookie of the Year. Ever since I saw him playing earlier in the year, I knew something about this kid was special and I wanted to keep an eye on him.

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Yes Dr. Dre, Today WAS a good day!

One week, migraine free! Wohoo! Hopefully, this pattern will continue and I’ll be living a (somewhat) normal life again soon 🙂 So many other factors dictate normal, but at least at this point, physcially, I am doing much better. Thanks for your positive energy.

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