Deck the Halls!

What a way to kick off the holiday season! I volunteered to help out a fellow wedding vendor, Mary Voight of Floral Affairs in Guilford, set up a Christmas display. I had no idea the magnitude of this project! What a grand affair. I was so excited to be a member of the Tree Fluffernutter crew 🙂 Basically, my job was to fluff the trees that were put together the night before. You know how it is. You take the tree out of the box and you have to spread the branches out to make it even and full. Well, do that 20 or so times and you have today’s task. But the best part of the day was decorating the Christmas tree of gold and red. So amazing! I was the bow fluffer at the end of the night. Thanks guys. I had a blast! Can’t wait for 2008!

Robin Dini Photography - >so funny to mention that. I came across the photos I took of the Christmas decorations at the carriage house last year. Chill space man, I miss it 🙂 How’s the new studio coming along? Do you need any help painting?

Carla Ten Eyck - >You are SO perfect for that- tree decorating- you just have that touch!

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