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Spring has sprung!

Flower are blooming, eggs are hatching, wedding season has started…. and oooooh so many babies are being born! My husband Frank and I have many friends and relatives having babies this spring. The first of those, is Grace Mary D’Addio. Welcome to the world Gracie! More photos from my visit with her here.

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Did someone just turn a light on?

Today was a great day! What can I say?! Wohoo! It started out with me getting up at 6:00AM. For those of you that know me personally, know that that in and of itself is quite a feat! What drew me out at such an early hour? I was invited to be on a panel […]

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Ah, the wedding season is here. Last weekend, Jer and I shot a wedding at the Waterview in Monroe, CT. It was a small family event that had it’s moments, but it was definitely a great reminder as to how strenuous and physical our profession really is. Jer and I both commented on being laid […]

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Model Student

I am honored to announce wonder news worth sharing with others as inspiration. I have had the pleasure of knowing Tony Dini for almost eleven years now. I have watched him grow from an adolescent boy into a well minded an inspiring individual. He has learned about himself through life experiences and does an amazing […]

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