Grampa’s Rose (March 1, 2007)

As some of you may know, my grandfather passed away a week and a half ago. His wife, my “big gramma”, passed away on Dec. 29, 1999. At her gravesite service, my uncle Mike gave me a rose from her coffin. I took that rose home and dried it. Later that year in one of my photography classes at school, I photographed that rose. I did a macro shot of the dried petals and had it printed in a 16×20. I received enormous amounts of feedback on this image, not all positive, but extremely encouraging. It was this photograph that really got me intrigued by digital photography and photo manipulation. I think, it was one of the images that launched my career.

At this time of loss, once again, I have taken away a rose. “Grampa’s Rose” carries many similarities to “Gramma’s Rose”, yet they each have their own uniqueness and distinct differences, just as the people they are named for were in character and in life.

Anonymous - >I remember going to a gallery in Mystic and that is where I first saw your photo “grandmas rose” it was lovely. What a great way to remember and honor them. Your compassion shows in your work.
Sorry for your loss.

My best always.


Robin Dini Photography - >i appreciate it. doing much better now that I have photographed and expressed an emotion that has been inside for a long time. to be able to see it, is a big step.

Anonymous - >What a beautiful tribute to you beloved grandfather. I’m so sorry to hear of your loss and wish you strength in dealing with his passing. I think your photography is a wonderful tool that can be used to achieve such strength and peace. I love the photos that your friend took of you, especially the really big-smiley one! You look beautiful.

Love- JUDY

carla ten eyck - >R- I love the tones, the light, the feel- simply beautiful! Keep shooting, it really helps to heal.

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