Shooting in the Hamptons (Long Island, NY)

I have been contacting photographers in New England to try and find work outside of New Haven couty. Not necessarily to expand my business, but to work with other people, new venues, various cultures and have a simple change of “scenery”. I was lucky enough to find Susan Francy on DWF and signed on for a wedding in Quogue, NY. Three hours away from home for me, the traffic wasn’t too much of a factor in travel time.

To sum up the entire day in one word: elaborate. Every detail had been addressed, every “final touch” was polished and shining. The home’s foyer was emptied and led guests into a HUGE tent in the backyard, dance floor over the pool and elaborate mood lighting. As guests arrived, it was like a red carpet affair. There was valet parking on the neighborhood street. Black tie and couture evening gowns made their way into the front yard. The bride was walked down a crowded aisle from her childhood home’s front door. As the ceremony drew to a close, a mariachi band made their arrival into the driveway as the hour of cocktails were kicked off! Truly memorable.

Thanks to Susan, Kathy and Jake for the opportunity to work with you. I was honored to be part of a very memorable day.

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